Let’s do Good from
Kashmir to Kanyakumari

The biggest public private partnership, Krsnaa Diagnostics offers a pan India world class diagnostic facility. Uniformity in high standards with stringent technical quality norms guided by National Accreditation Board for Laboratories [NABL] to follow best safety practices in imaging technology and to ensure accurate results, always. 

The two founding pillars of Krsnaa Diagnostics are state of the art equipment and qualified, trained and committed staff. From the ultramodern 128 Slice CT scan or 3 Tesla MRI in imaging to the latest ARCHITECT equipment in pathology and from the ease of access to patients and clients to the convenience of the web portal for results, Krsnaa Diagnostics offers the best diagnostic experience for clients and a humane helping hand for patients.

Today’s rapidly changing world needs agility which is a core quality cultivated in Krsnaa Diagnostics.


Lets Do Good Philosophy

Everything is propelled with the philosophy of Let’s Do Good. The humane element of caring and helping is the foundation of our approach towards patients and clients.We consider it our holy duty to help patients understand their diseases which will ultimately help them get better. The satisfaction of helping fellow human beings in distress is what propels us towards our prime principle - care and dedication.




Radiology Services 

Our imaging services span every imaging modality:  CT Scan, MRI, Digital X Ray,  2D Echo, DEXA Scan, Color Doppler & Ultrasound.


Lab Services

Our diagnostic Lab Services offer Clinical Biochemistry, Haematology, Clinical Pathology, Histopathology & Cytopathlogy, Microbiology, Serology & Immunology.


Fabulous Team delivering healthcare excellence

Be it diagnostic specialists, front desk staff or even the maintenance people, Krsnaa’s human element is handpicked to deliver industry best quality of medical investigations. All the staff members are qualified and trained by Krsnaa’s team of trainers to deliver the unique standard of care from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Every diagnostic centre of Krsnaa will offer the conditioned and regulated high quality care and accuracy in diagnosis.


State of the Art Equipment - 3 Tesla MRI in Indore

Most MRI machines are 1.5 Tesla. They capture good pictures of our body helpful in diagnosis. But a 3 Tesla MRI takes ultra high resolution pictures of far superior clarity which help confirm diagnosis and help avoid invasive investigations like angiography to the maximum extent. 3 Tesla scanner is especially useful for diagnosing the diseases of the brain, spine, and musculoskeletal system. 3 Tesla MRI gives results much faster, saving critical minutes in diagnosis, like in a stroke, which renders positive outcomes.



Krsnaa Diagnostics has signed a strategic alliance with many radiologists to offer expert services anywhere. Simply put, if an image is taken at Indore and sent to Chennai for interpretation, the report can be submitted in Bengaluru for surgery.

Thus the patient’s CT scans, MRI scans or any other images can be viewed by Krsnaa’s experienced radiologists from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. 

Decisions based on second opinions and views can be taken through Teleradiology at any point of the diagnostic process. 


Krsnaa Diagnostics has completed India's first largest Teleradiology project.This project was the most challenging one.  But our team handled it with efficiency at every phase. In a span of 8 days our team of 15 warriors installed systems in 113 locations across the state of Andhra Pradesh touching the most rural areas . 

It was indeed a pleasure to deliver our best services across the state . We are currently reporting almost 1500 X-rays per day from these centers. In addition to that we have installed 4 machines of 16 slice CT in Govt Hospitals of AP. 

It gives us immense happiness to give quality health services at free of cost under the vision of Hon'ble CM Chandrababu Naidu's 'NTR Vaidya Pariksha' scheme that gives a focus on our Let's Do Good philosophy.

Our continuous process of maintaining quality, patient safety, accountability and efficiency leads to positive outcomes. As a result of this constant care and drive,  Krsnaa’s humane touch is more remembered by the patients… a smile, kind words and a soothing touch... Yes, there is always someone to hold the patient’s hand in a gesture of reassurance.

  • “Krsnaa Diagnostics has been a value addition to our physician owned surgical hospital, providing prompt and easy access to diagnostic  services for patients and physicians. They provide reliable reporting and are responsive to individual requests. I would not hesitate to recommend Krsnaa Diagnostics for anyone interested in quality services.”

-  Sarwadnya Hospital

  • On two occasions, I had diagnostic tests performed at your facility.  I have had similar testing done elsewhere. Your personnel, from receptionist to technologist to radiologist, are uniformly the most pleasant, understanding, caring and professional that I have encountered anywhere.  It is truly a satisfying experience to be cared for at your facility."

- Atul Kammble  (Patient)

  • "I recently had an MRI procedure and was very impressed by the care and concern of the front desk staff and especially by my MRI technologist.  They were very accommodating and helpful."

- Mr. Samir Phadtare (Patient)

  • “Thanks to all who assisted me as I hobbled around on my crutches.  I was obviously fatigued and in pain and you were very patient and understanding.  It turned out I had a fractured pelvis. The wheelchair was a big help and thanks to attendent for driving me back to my pick-up.  It saved me many steps. Keep up the good work."

-  Mr. Nitin Taloje